Let's face it. Shopping was my favorite thing to do. Alone time. Casually browsing store after store. Rack after Rack. Oh those were the days..... (Excuse me while I daydream)

Those were the days until.. I became a Mom. Are leggings and oversized shirts the universal "Mom outfit"? Asking for a friend!? Maybe... 

Once I became a Mom, the first section I went to was the kids sections. Every single time. Without Fail, I'd being oohing and ahhing over the cutest little dresses, the tiniest little bow ties and everything in between. 

When I had my daughter, MAN!, I just knew my life would be filled with every shade of pink and all of the bows and headbands one can imagine. I really just laughed out loud at that statement because I am pretty sure she has worn more hand-me-downs from my two oldest boys than any bow. 

So, shop with me. While I shop for all the cute things for my own kids, I can only hope you find something you'll love for your own kids! :)

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1 product